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The Leisure Pass Group Limited
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  • What are the main benefits of The London Pass

    The London Pass gives you free entry to over 70 of the best tourist attractions in London, plus at many tourist attractions it allows you to skip the queues - a major plus when it comes to London crowds.

    If you opt for the London Pass with Oyster Travelcard, you can travel for free on all London underground and bus services.

    Each London Pass comes with a free guidebook which saves you precious time by allowing you to plan your days in advance, and because the London Pass is prepaid you don't have to carry cash around or worry about currency exchange while you're out sightseeing.

    The London Pass also entitles you to a range of great freebies and discounts at restaurants, shops and entertainment options around the city.

  • Can I skip the lines

    Yes, at selected attractions marked in your guidebook and detailed here. Take your London Pass to the prepaid ticket desk where the operator will swipe your card in a special reader and you will be shown straight through.

    Certain attractions have "timed" ticketing. Please consult your guidebook before you visit the attraction.

  • Does The London Pass come with a guidebook

    Yes, the London Pass comes with a handy 160+ page Guidebook packed with information about each attraction, maps and helpful information about the city. It comes in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portugese and Japanese.

  • Is there any benefit in buying the London Pass now
    If you purchase the London Pass now through this site then you get the option to have your order shipped to you before you travel. You can then start using your London Pass as soon as you arrive in the city. This is the only place that a London Pass with Oyster Travelcard can be purchased and shipped to an address of your choice.
    Each London Pass is valid for 12months from the point of purchase.
  • 我是否符合获得移动门票的要求 


  • How much can I save with The London Pass

    The more you see the more you save. But remember, you only need to visit a few attractions before you start saving money. To get an idea of how much you could save, browse our London attractions sectionand see how much each sight would normally cost you to visit. You can visit all of these attractions for free with The London Pass.

  • Which London Pass offers the most/best savings

    一卡通适用天数越多,越省钱。10日伦敦一卡通是最省钱的选择,每天平均费用只有18英镑!这比伦敦桥体验(London Bridge Experience)、伦敦动物园(London Zoo)和伦敦塔(Tower of London)的门票还要便宜!


  • How can I find out how much value I have left on my London Pass

    If you wish to confirm the outstanding value on your London Pass then you should call our customer service team on 020 7293 0972 or +44 (0)20 7293 0972.

  • How much does a London Pass cost

    The cost of a London Pass varies depending on the duration, pass type and whether you opt to include an Oyster Travelcard. For full details of the latest prices then check out the Prices page.

    Note: the longer the duration, the better value the pass.

  • If I order online how do I receive The London Pass


  • Can I buy The London Pass when I am in London

    可以,我们在伦敦有多家零售合作伙伴销售伦敦一卡通,其中一家位于兑换服务台楼上,地址是11a Charing Cross Road。在伦敦,您还可以在网上购买一卡通并在当天领取;或者使用移动版伦敦一卡通选项将一卡通发送到您的智能手机。


  • Where can I buy The London Pass in London
    The London Pass can be purchased at most major railway and Underground stations including:
    - Heathrow (TFL Information Centre and British Hotel Reservation Centre)
    - Gatwick (British Hotel Reservation Centre)
    - Victoria (TFL Information Centre)
    - Liverpool St (TFL Information Centre)
    - Euston (TFL Information Centre)
    - Piccadilly Circus (TFL Information Centre and HotelWorld)
    - Paddington (British Hotel Reservation Centre)
    - King’s Cross St Pancras (TFL Information Centre)
    - Earls Court, Tower Hill and many more...
    Note: The London Pass with Oyster Travelcard is not available from retailers in London, only The London Pass on its own.
  • Can I buy The London Pass at the Airport

    You can buy the London Pass (without the transport element) at the British Hotels Reservation Centres at Heathrow , Stansted and Gatwick airports; the Transport for London Information Centre at Heathrow; or the Hotel and Travel Reservation desks at Gatwick South, Luton and Stansted.

  • How do you define a child

    Children are aged between 5 and 15 years. Children under 5 years are free. 

    Note: Children under the age of 11 who are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket can travel for free on the London Underground.

  • Do you offer discounts for groups, students or senior citizens

    Unfortunately not. The London Pass has been specially created to help visitors save both time and money through the use of product. Learn more about the savings you can make with the London Pass here.

    Please Note: groups of more than 10 may not be allowed access at some attractions included on The London Pass.

  • Can I buy The London Pass for a group?

    We don't have any restrictions when purchasing through the website, however, the London Pass is not designed for large groups of travellers.

    Please Note: Groups of more than 10 may be refused entry at some attractions. We advise if you are in a group of over 10 that you contact each attraction in advance.

  • How do I use an offer code or discount code

    If you have an offer code you can enter this on the checkout page after you have choosen you product(s).

    Note: Offer codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

  • Why haven't I received my email confirmation

    Your email confirmation should normally arrive in your inbox a few minutes after completing a transaction/purchase. If you haven't received an email confirmation then we recommend you check your spam filter or junk folder.

    If you still cannot locate an email then please send a request through to our customer service team confirming your email address and order reference number.

  • 如何获得移动版伦敦一卡通



  • How does the Oyster Travelcard work when you have The London Pass + Travel

    The Oyster Card is an electronic travelcard designed to facilitate journeys across London on the extensive transport network. The Oyster Card will come pre-charged with a credit value respective to your London Pass duration, and can be used at any time of day, any day of the week.

    Your Oyster Card can be used on the public buses, the underground network as well as overground trains and the DLR. The Oyster Card will never expire so it makes a great investment if you plan on coming to London in the future.

    To find out more about Oyster Travelcard, click here.

  • How far does the Oyster Card take me

    The Oyster Card can be used across all buses, tubes, overground trains and the DLR. It can be used any time and any day the public transport networks are running. To find out more about opening times of the London transport network, visit the Transport for London website.

    You can use your Oyster Card without activating your London Pass - as your pass will only become activated at first use at an attraction.


  • Is the transport limited to certain hours of the day

    Oyster Cards can be used any time of day, any day of the week the network is running, normally from approximately 05:30am until approximately 12:30am, depending on the service.

    Please check the Transport for London website for more information about times and line closures before you travel.

  • Can I use The London Pass from the airport

    If you have your order shipped to you before you travel with start dates for your date of arrival, and your flight arrives at Heathrow airport then you can use the Piccadilly line on the London Underground to travel into central London. The Oyster Card would also cover use on the DLR trams from London City Airport as well, and travel from Gatwick.

    However, the Travelcard doesn’t cover any transport to and from any other airport including Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport and Stansted Airport. Also, the Travelcard does not cover Heathrow Express trains or any other transfer service, just public transport run by TFL (Transport For London).

  • Can I buy the London Pass with Travel anywhere

    The London Pass with Oyster Travelcard can only be purchased online in advance.

  • How do I get to Windsor Castle

    Full details can be found in your London Pass Guidebook or on the Windsor Castle page.

  • What is the £5 admin fee on the Oyster Travelcard package

    The £5 admin charge is a fee added on by Transport for London to cover the cost of producing the Oyster Cards. This is a non-refundable fee that is unavoidably added to every Oyster Travelcard order.

    It does mean that the card is yours forever as you do not have to return the card after use, or throw it away. Providing the Oyster Card has credit, it can be used at a later date as the card never expires.

  • How does The London Pass work

    The London Pass is simple and easy to use, check out the Guidebook, app or website to choose where you wish to visit. Show the London Pass card at the entrance or ticket office of any attraction included, they will scan the card and give you entrance at no further cost. Show your card and head straight inside - it's a easy as that!

    The London Pass is valid for a calendar day and is subjet to a "purse value" - check out How It Works for further information.

  • 2日、3日、6日, 10日一卡通是按连续日期计算吗



  • What happens if I change the date of my trip to London

    Your London Pass (as well as your email confirmation voucher if you planned to collect your order in London) is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

  • What is the "Purse Value"

    Each London Pass is subject to a purse value based on the duration of the Pass.

    The purse value is a maximum amount you're able to use based on the standard gate price for each attraction. For example; with a 6 day Adult London Pass (Price: £154) you can visit attractions up to the total gate entry cost of £605!

    Here is a breakdown of the purse value for each Adult London Pass:
    1 Day: £ 175.00
    2 Day: £ 275.00
    3 Day: £ 350.00
    6 Day: £ 605.00
    10 Day: £ 905.00

  • 如果我变更计划以致我不能/没有使用伦敦一卡通,该怎么办

    如果您已经在网上购买了一卡通,但是后来变更出行计划以致无法使用伦敦一卡通,您有权在购买之日起获得免费30天退款保证。如需了解有关退款保证的详情, 单击这里。适用条款和条件。




  • 我可以要求退款

  • Who is The London Pass for

    EVERYONE! The London Pass has something for everyone including families, couples, children, adults, first time visitors, repeat visitors, long haul visitors, short stay visitors, independent travellers, international visitors as well as UK and local residents.

    The London Pass is for anyone who wants to visit some of the most popular and best attractions in London whilst saving both time and money.

  • Does The London Pass include any night time activities

    Yes - although the London Pass is predominantly for day time attractions and activities, we have included a number of evening attractions including:

    • Curzon Cinema and several Movie Theatres
    • Queen's Ice & Bowling
    • Brass Rubbing
    • and much more...
  • Who is behind The London Pass

    The London Pass is owned and managed by sightseeing and tourism experts The Leisure Pass Group.

    The Leisure Pass Group have successful products throughout Europe including The Paris Pass and Berlin Pass. They are proud members of a number of recognised industry organisations including:

    • Visit London (now London & Partners)
    • Visit Britain
    • European Tour Operates Assoication
    • Europen City Marketing
    • Uk Inbound

    The London Pass has won several industry awards which you can learn more about, here.

  • Is it possible to extend or change the dates of my London Pass

    The London Pass is activated the first time you use it. All orders made online here are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, as is the email confirmation for collections.

  • Do you work with travel agents

    Please visit our trade page for further information about selling the London Pass as a travel agent and full contact details.